What is Proscenium?

Proscenium is the first free literary journal dedicated to publishing plays.

Who can submit to Proscenium?


How do I submit to Proscenium?

Please send your play as a PDF and Word document to submissions@prosceniumjournal.com with the subject “Submission: [Title], [Author]” Please also send us a brief author bio, and your contact information (email and phone number). For more detailed submission guidelines, click here.

What kind of plays do you accept?

Proscenium welcomes plays of all lengths and styles, including adaptations (as long as the rights for the adapted play are secured), and musicals. We also accept articles about theatre and the craft of playwriting.

Can I submit more than one play?


If I am published in Proscenium, do I get to keep the rights to my play?

Yes! Unlike other play publication companies, Proscenium has one-time, non-exclusive publication rights to plays published in the journal. The playwright retains all other rights.

What do I do if I want to produce, publish, or acquire the rights to a play published in Proscenium?

Please contact us at info@prosceniumjournal.com for any inquiries about rights. We will forward your request to the playwright or their agent as soon as possible and allow you to work out an agreement with them. Unlike other play publication companies, we are not selling performance rights to published plays because the playwrights retains all rights to their plays. Instead, we are allowing those interested in the playwrights’ works to work out an independent agreement with the playwright. The payment and/or transfer of rights is to be independently negotiated between the producer and the playwright.

How can I work for Proscenium?

Proscenium is growing rapidly and will take on volunteers interested in contributing to the journal and to its annual festival of new work, Proscenium Live, in Portland, Oregon. If you are interested in joining the journal, please send a resume and cover letter to info@prosceniumjournal.com. For more information about joining the journal, click here.

Can I advertise in Proscenium?

Yes! We can help you reach the same large, web-based audience we help our playwrights reach with one of our affordable advertising packages. With 65,000 total views from people with a specific interest in playwriting and theatre, Proscenium is a great way to advertise theatre conservatories, MFA programs, or theatre productions. For more information about advertising in Proscenium, including different rates and advertising packages, click here or contact info@prosceniumjournal.com.