Supporting playwrights. Encouraging discovery. Making theatre accessible.

Proscenium Journal’s mission is to demonstrate that plays can be enjoyed without necessarily having to attend a full theatre production and to make plays more readily accessible to new and wider audiences.

It is an unfortunate commercial reality that not all plays that are written will ever be fully produced on a stage. Plays can still be read silently or out loud, listened to, watched on film or video, and performed in staged readings.

Proscenium Journal exists for that enthusiastic audience that acknowledges that plays do not need to be seen in a full production on the stage in order to be enjoyed and to support the playwrights who write plays in the hopes that they will be produced but recognizing they may never be seen on the stage.

In addition to publishing this journal about reading and listening to plays, Proscenium Journal produces an annual festival of staged readings of new works in Portland, Oregon, each summer. The Proscenium Live! Festival of New Works is completely free. Proscenium Journal also publishes new plays.

Proscenium Journal is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Portland, Oregon. You may reach us at info@prosceniumjournal.com.