Proscenium is the first free literary journal dedicated to publishing plays. Proscenium publications are free of charge and readily accessible online, allowing playwrights to share their work with a large, web-based audience. Proscenium publications are also now available in print.

Proscenium is also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that produces an annual festival of new works in Portland, OR, Proscenium Live, featuring plays published in the journal. This festival, like the journal, is completely free, and served over 1000 audience members and produced 12 plays in its first two years.

Proscenium Journal‘s mission is to support emerging playwrights, make new plays easier for producers to discover, and make theatre easily accessible to new and wider audiences.

Supporting Playwrights:

As a playwright, it is very difficult to be discovered. Staged readings, festivals, and publications can help expose playwrights to an audience, but a relatively small one in the context of the technology age. We at Proscenium hope to expose playwrights to the largest audience possible by publishing their works for free online.

Encouraging Discovery:

In addition to showcasing the freshest voices in theatre, Proscenium also creates a platform for producers to discover new works in an easy, accessible way. Other play publication services only allow you to read synopses of plays before purchasing them, making it difficult to discover new works. With Proscenium Journal, producers can browse the best new plays, hand-selected by our team of readers from hundreds of submissions, all for free.

Making Theatre Accessible:

In a world where ticket prices keep audiences away from theater, Proscenium opens theatre up to newer and wider audiences by making the best new plays accessible for free online. Additionally, Proscenium’s annual three-day festival of New Works, Proscenium Live, makes readings of selected plays free and open to the public.

Supporting playwrights. Encouraging discovery. Making theatre accessible.