Proscenium Live Festival of New Work

Photos by David Kinder.

Partnering with Portland Shakespeare Project and supported by a grant from Stanford’s Haas Center for public service, Proscenium Journal held a 3-Night Festival of New Work called Proscenium Live. This festival included 5 new plays performed by 15 Portland-area actors on the beautiful Artists Repertory Theater Alder Stage. One of these plays, “Pericles Wet,” by Ellen Margolis, was a adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Pericles,” commissioned by Proscenium Journal, that was performed alongside the original text. Over 300 people attended this festival, and several people participated in post-show discussions with the playwrights which were held after every performance. And, like Proscenium Journal, the festival was completely free and open to the public.If you missed Proscenium Live, you can read our upcoming third issue, which will include the plays “The Widow of Tom’s Hill” by Aleks Merilo and “Pericles Wet” by Ellen Margolis, both of which were produced in the festival. You can also read “Black Coffee Green Tea” by Damon Chua, “Ski Lift” by Chris Holbrook, and “Tango Mike” by Aleks Merilo in past issues of Proscenium Journal.


Pericles Wet – A Commissioned Adaptation of Pericles
By Ellen Margolis
Directed by Michael Mendelson
Tuesday, July 14
Proscenium Journal commissioned Portland playwright Ellen Margolis to write an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Pericles. This adaptation, Pericles Wet, was performed alongside the classical Shakespearian text of Pericles.

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Featuring David Bodin, Chantal DeGroat, Heath Koerschgen, Kayla Lian, Ryan Tessler, Ashley Williams, and Cordelia Schimpf.

Black Coffee Green Tea
By Damon Chua
Directed by Steve Rathje
Sunday, July 19
Read this play in the first issue of Proscenium Journal.ProsceniumLive-0042-150719Featuring Brian Demar Jones, Jane Vogel, Samson Syharath, and Cordelia Schimpf.

Ski Lift
By Chris Holbrook
Directed by Steve Rathje
Sunday, July 19
Read this play in the first issue of Proscenium Journal.ProsceniumLive-0055-150719Featuring Nathan Dunkin and Matthew Faranda.

Tango Mike
By Aleks Merilo
Directed by Paul Angelo
Sunday, July 19
Read this play in the second issue of Proscenium Journal.ProsceniumLive-0107-150719-XLFeaturing Joe Costa and Chris Porter.

The Widow of Tom’s Hill
By Aleks Merilo
Monday, July 20
The Widow of Tom’s Hill will be presented Off-Broadway this fall 59E59 Theaters. Read it in the upcoming third issue of Proscenium Journal.IMG_4413

Thank you for coming! See you next year. ProsceniumLive-0213-150719-XL

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