Volume 1 is Coming!

Start spreading the news. We’re opening doors. Volume 1 of Proscenium Theatre Journal is coming this fall!

Proscenium is gearing up to publish its initial volume, and the submissions are rolling in! We’re still looking for more submissions. Please send your one-act plays, two-act plays, three-act plays, and plays of all lengths and styles to submissions@prosceniumjournal.com. Also, be sure to send us a 100-word synopsis and your contact information (email and phone number). For more detailed submission guidelines, go to prosceniumjournal.com/submit/

Want to work for Proscenium? We’re still filling a few spots on our editorial team! Please submit a resume and cover letter to info@prosceniumjournal.com. Let us know what you’re most interested in working in, particularly editing and review, design and layout, publicity and outreach, or technology. For more information about open positions, go to prosceniumjournal.com/work-with-us/

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